Finally finished....

Yes girls and boys, it is true. I finally finished painting the dresser.

I am in love with the colour and plan on painting a few other objects with the same blue grey colour.

I am happy with the result and have a few other changes planned for this apartment. The bed that you can see in the photo is being replaced with a larger brand new mattress and base and I am planning on having a ciel de lit above the bed.

My idea is to make the apartment more cosy and like a love nest as it is on the top floor of Maison No. 20 and gets a great view of the surrounding rooftops and is also lovely and light.

As you can see from the photo it is large hence took a lot longer than I thout it would and I have JUST finished painting the legs hence the pieces of  cardboard that you can see.

The carpet is also new and was laid on Saturday. I loved the wooden floorboards but they were not practical from a noise point of view hence I picked a taupe colour carpet which really does make the room more cosy as well as less noisy.....

The same carpet has also been laid in the entrance of the apartment which doubles as a sleeping area for a young child as it is directly outside the door of the bedroom.

I am off to start le dîner. Tonight we are having salade niçoise...yum!    a demain, Leeann x


  1. Its a beautiful Monday over here!
    Have and inspiring week to come.


  2. wow, what a beautiful color. very special, i like it :)
    welcome your new follower from germany ;) i really like your blog!
    svenja :)

  3. Oh it looks fabulous! What an amazing colour! Your supper sounds pretty good too - all round yumminess - just like your blog! Delighted to be following!
    Paula xxx

  4. What a beautiful dresser. You did a great job with it!

  5. Oh. Leeann.
    Great job! I love the color. I wanted to try but never did. (smile) It will be fun to paint and upholstery with you. Wait for me I will be there, just don't know exact date yet (smile)

    Julie x

  6. Leeann-
    You did a beautiful job, and I love the color. Appears you are having fun!
    Happy Tuesday.

  7. It turned out beautifully!!!!!!Big dresser with a lot of detail.Good job Leeann!Maryanne xo

  8. so beautiful! I'd love to see the rest of the bedroom too. The glimpse in the mirror is really lovely.



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