One day....

{photo from here}

......I plan to have a lavender garden just like this.

Although I have to say the lavender is fabulous in Provence, I have fond memories of the Lavender gardens in Daylesford, Australia and would like to return one day soon....with Aussie passport in one hand and hand of French boyfriend in the other!

Je vous souhaite un week-end fabuleux......Leeann x


  1. I wish! Lavender doesn't grow well here where I live in Georgia but I re-plant some every year. Oh to dream!!

  2. This rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absoutely fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!You know how to pick em! Maryanne xo

  3. I have had so many sweet little lavender plants that have decided death was better than living with me :(
    But a home in the country is in our future, maybe that setting will make a lavender plant happier .

  4. Ahh, I love the scent of lavender.
    Lavender fields forever!!!

  5. You lucky girl!!Lavendel "all around you"!!!!;)
    At least somewhere near by....Kinda jealous!
    Love images like this,makes me dream even more of course:)
    Will absolutely definitely have t drive through France one day!!!!!!!!!Of many reasons!!!
    Hope you´re having a lovely weekend!!!

  6. Oh this looks so lovely.. Adore lavender in all forms. We were at the Lavender Farm in Daylesford just over a week ago - took my daughter there for the first time. So gorgeous. Did you know they do weddings there too... hint to F.Boyf??!!

  7. Simply idyllic Leeann - somehow I would love to create that ambiance in my little courtyard. Could be done with pots and lots of loving and tender care.
    Take FB there and he will fall in love with you all over again!!!

  8. Aussie passport? Wait, aren't you a kiwi?

    Curious from Aotearoa.


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