Newly arrived...

It is one of those days.....rainy and nothing is going to plan.

It started with photographing a couple of fabulous wall lights that have just arrived, but need to be mounted on the wall in order to take a decent photo.....hence the above photo is the best that I can do today as French Boyfriend has the camera and is in the process of photographing stock.

Next thing that did not go to plan was the plan to "mange" toasted sandwiches for lunch as the machine is on the blink so FBF has carried it off to his house so that he can try and work out I would buy a new one but enough said on this matter.

Third thing, company where I always buy my linen for maison no. 20 rang to say that the bathrobes that I had ordered were out of stock and I would need to wait 4 weeks...hence there was a lengthy silence at my end until I was infortmed that they had the top of the range in stock and could offer these at the same price as the others that I had originally ordered..

End result a happy girl in rainy old France.

Below is a photo of an antique applique that has just arrived, note it is very clean hence the brightness,normally when we come across these, they are a lot dirtier......this one comes from an immaculate home. 

Will be updating the online shop a bit later in the day.

Amicalement from a still rainy SW France, Leeann x


  1. Dearest Leeann,

    Well, you almost needed that new bathrobe à la minute for wrapping yourself up and hide in a corner, away from the rain and other things. But, those days will end too!
    Hope you will manage your wall lights and get a nice photo later, together with lots of satisfaction.
    Love to you from a still windy Georgia/USA


  2. Hi Leeann,

    Sometimes days are like this, however good news about the bathrobes.
    I love the antique applique.

    Have a happy Thursday

  3. Leeann,
    It is strange how more often than not things happen in 3's!
    Love the linen upgrade makes up for everything!!
    V glamorous applique.
    Carla x


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