Merci Monsieur Fleurs....

{photo dining room apt deux, maison No. 20}

As many of you know, by reading my blog, I am lucky enough to have  the man I call "my flower man" aka Monsieur Fleurs, live not far from my house.

Monsieur Fleurs brings a whole new meaning to the expression "fresh cut flowers" as you go to his gardens, you choose and he cuts them.

It is things like this that I have come to appreciate whilst living in France, from the man that sells the goat's cheese, another that sells the honey, it makes shopping that much nicer......   

I must go and start work, Bonne journée à tous!!! .....Leeann x


  1. I love the sound of your flower man!!

  2. Lucky you.
    I really need to move to next door to you. (smile)

    Julie x


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