Creating the French Look...

Bonjour from a sunnier SW France,

In yesterday's post was a book that I recently ordered on the internet.
It is called " Creating the French look" and is written by Annie Sloan, the woman responsible for creating what some call "the greatest paint on earth". The reason that it is called this is that we "girls" can apply the paint direct to surfaces and there is no need to sand, strip before hand. It also has no odour and is environmental friendly and it is a pleasure to use.

I had heard great things about the book and it certainly meets all my expectations.

Not only does it cover the different styles pf decorating and how to put the looks together, it also contains 25 step by step projects.

Projects such as making curtains from old sheets, crackle painting a table, antiquing a garden statue, painting a bureau, make cushions, lampshades and such like.Love this armoire....such a gorgeous creamy colour. 

My favourite project is the antiquing of a statue but I need to find a statue first......same old story but as you all know, I adore searching for old objects! 

For those of you interested in learning how to apply the paint, we are teaming up with a local expert who lives not far from Maison No. 20, to offer guests classes onhow to apply the paint.

The lessons are held in a lovely house in the country and are taught by a local artist, who is an expert in applying the paint.
Lunch is included and you can choose either a 1/2 day or a whole day of lessons.

Details will be released in due course.

But for me mes belles, it is off to work I go..... a demain Leeann x



  1. So pleased you have sun - it's constant rain here in the North of England - thanks for the introduction to the book - and the paint sounds perfect - no sanding!!

  2. I am anxious to try this paint.
    The book looks beautiful and some fun projects.


  3. Ooooooooh I so want this paint!!!!!
    Probably the book too!!!!

  4. Would love to try Annie Sloan,however I´ve tried same kind of paint from Pure & Original (NL) and it is fantastic!!Sooo fun to paint with and see the transformation,and a perfect result!I hope Annie Soan will come to Norway as well!!!
    And that book my mail;)

  5. I adore French furniture, so classy.

  6. That book looks fabulous!! Glad you are having good weather, still cold here...


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