weekend tresors...

As you know we went hunting for tresors yesterday morning. We had luck on our side as we managed to find a few items before a storm arrived and all the vendors packed away their things.

No sonner had the vendor hung the vintage tole chandelier up, when I said I would take it.
She said that I had bought the plus belle objet on her stand and a couple of the vendors from the neighbouring stands muttered that they wished they had got their hands on it before me.

Second up was the lovely Tete de Biche, which I know is not everyone's cup of tea but I have clients that are looking for one and I really like the one that I picked up yesterday.

Note we have two as when I met up with French Boyfriend after doing the rounds he said you wll never guess what I found and I said mon dieu as I had bought one identical to his......

Next was this fabulous Sarreguemines 1900's vase and bowl in immaculate condition.

My last find, just before the horizontal rain arrived, was this hand coloured map, which I am planning on framing and hanging in my wee boutique.

Well mes amies, that is pretty much it for now and it is back to work that I go...a demain, Leeann x


  1. Some tresors indeed! I love that map you found. It would look wonderful in my Seattle home... I see that your shopping spree almost got interrupted by the rain. We have had plenty of that stuff recently here in Seattle... Le sigh... On another note, I would not know what to do with a "tete de biche." Un peu creepy, non? ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)


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