Last night....

.......we watched the film "Marie-Antoinette".
It is one of my favourite movies and I never get tired of watching it.

Hence today I am thinking a lot about large chandeliers, lots of candelabras, beautiful fabrics and of course lots of lovely cakes.....

Trés bonne journée à tous...... Leeann x


  1. Such a visually stunning movie, Leeann! So much eye candy...

  2. I am most definitely going to watch this movie. I am so in the mood to be in France, once again. It is probably the hints of spring around here :)

  3. I have never seen this movie and know that I would love it. thanks for the reminder to watch it.


  4. I love that movie also and can watch it over and over

    I want to be slim and wear some of her clothing LOL and shoes

    I have decided I am selling out of all small stuff and buying expensive clothing and chandeliers for every room in my house and sheds LOL

    Not carzy just dreaming

  5. By far my my favorite movie! Love the soundtrack too. I often watch it to find inspiration for decor (on a less grand scale and budget, bien sur!) and jewelry inspiration.

  6. Leeann-
    One of my favorite movies. The scenery is a grand as the movie.
    Than you for reminding me to pull this movie and watch it!
    Happy Wednesday.

  7. It's one of my fave movies too Leeann!
    Especially for the exquisite shoes and fabrics.
    I was drooling all the way through!
    Shane x

  8. I never saw that movie, I'll do this during the month.
    I also love the furniture style, I can kill to find chandeliers like these but with a good price. In Italy when I find I have to pay too much so I don't buy ...
    Bisous, Babi


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