All one need's...

{photo from here} a fabulous mirror. Trouble is that in France they are becoming hard to find as everyone wants one.

A demain mes amies, Leeann


  1. So true. Yours is lovely... I have several in UK which I found in France and restored. Love them all so much and treasure each one. (And miss them too whilst I am here in Australia!) x

  2. Agreed. Amazing how a mirror can change a space! xo

  3. Goodness, looking at the mirror took me back a few years. My parents had an almost identical one hanging in the apartment in Neuilly. Looks nice!

  4. Hi Leeann,

    I agree, a beautiful mirror makes a room.

    How sad they're so hard to find in France now.
    It seems everyone who travels there makes a bee line for the wonderful markets and has their spoils shipped home....
    I know of many shops here in NZ who do that by the container load!

    Happy Friday

  5. It's beautiful - so difficult to find the perfect frame and the right size for the space.


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