Getting colder.....

{photo from here}

The forecast is for cold days and for snow on Sunday. I have visions of someting like in the photo above but in reality think that we will get a few flakes and that will be all.

Hence COSY is a word that I like the sound of. I am thinking piles of interior design and fashion magazines, roaring fire and mugs of hot chocolate.......well a girl can dream can't she?

On that note it is back to preparing the breakfast I go.

Bonne journee a tous, Leeann x


  1. oh yes, unfortunately it's cold and it's getting colder for the weekend!
    I really don't like it.
    Photo you posted shows dreamy winter :)

  2. Got me dreaming of that fire place and hot chocolate on the cold Paris morning........hibernating is what I am calling it!!
    Carla x

  3. I will be leaving for Paris, provence and nice in a couple of days...the combination of the Mistral and the freezing temperature will not be much fun. in new york, we have been desperately waiting for snow..balmy temperature instead and the daffodils are coming out!

  4. Our forecast here in London is the's certainly cold enough!
    Your dream sounds wonderful... a roaring fire and hot chocolate....perfect!

  5. Nostalgia del freddo di Parigi!!!!

  6. Scusa non ho salutato.......
    Buona serata
    Baci Giò

  7. Oh stay warm Leeann! sounds like a great plan with the hot choco and mags..perfect! see soon sunny times will come!

    a bientôt


  8. It's getting colder here in the North of England too - I have my pile of French magazines which a friend kindly brought over from France. I just need to make my hot chocolate - what a good idea - bliss!


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