Why I live here...

Today is market day in our village and it is the day when we buy all our fruit, vegetables, cheese etc direct from the producers.

Not only are they fresher than the products that you buy from the supermarket, you also know that they are grown locally and most are organic.

We have a ritual where French Boyfriend does the shopping and I prepare to open my wee boutique.

This morning FBF returns somewhat excitedly carrying a large bag of gorgeous looking mandarines telling me that there was a queue and that they had almost sold out, which at 9am on a cold morning is something else.

Hence I could not resist taking a photo, for me it is a reminder just why I live here and it is the small things such as this, that I have come to appreciate.

A demain mes amies, Leeann x


  1. Oh how lovely Leeann and they look beautiful even better bought for you by FBF! X

  2. Gorgeous! So wish I lived in France!

  3. These look gorgeous. I love wandering around French markets. As you say, the produce is so very fresh. The best carrots I have ever tasted came from an old lady's stall in Boulogne. She just had one pile of carrots to sell and they didn't look very attractive but the taste was amazing.


  4. The colour is amazing!
    Locally grown produce is really hard to beat and how clever of the FBF to find the best!!

  5. Lovely! I dont think I've ever seen such beautiful little mandarines. So nice to have fresh produce available...I can definitley see why you love it there. I miss having a market to get to like this...you've inspired me to search for one. Love that you are sharing this! ty :)

  6. It all sounds good to me boyfriend and all LOL

  7. Lucky you that there is fresh produce for you to buy. While i know that the produce at our farmer's market is grown in my state, i don't know how much of it is local. The picture is beautiful.

  8. Oooooo! What juicy orange beauty. Makes me long for summer a little, although i'm trying with all my might to live in the present and not wish time away. Gorgeous photo! I want to slowly peel one and take a big squirty bite. What pleasure!


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