Vendredi Fleurs...

{photo from here}

I decided to take a break from French Food Friday this week, hence we have vendredi fleurs this week.

How beautiful are these violets? I wish that I had some as they would certainly add a touch of colour to a cold winter's day.

They would also compliment the new paint colour that I started using today. It is grey coloured lilac and really is gorgeous.
I am really taken with it and plan to use it on a few objects including a chandelier complete with matching wall lights and also a lovely day bed.

I promise to share some photos with you just as soon as I have finished painting.

Amicalement from a cold and foggy SW France, Leeann x


  1. Violets are beautiful! They grew wild around my parents' home in Maine when i was growing up. I've never seen them out here in OR, and i miss them. Can't wait to see your projects when you're finished painting. Lilacs are lovely too. The white and the purple. Bet the color you're using is exquisite..

  2. Violets are such a peaceful yet richly colored flower!! I would love to see your finished works!


    Art by Karena

  3. I love the multiple vases of violets. It is a beautiful colour too and no doubt your pieces will look special

    Helen x

  4. I love flowers too! They sure brighten up the cloudy days here. The paint color you described sounds great.

  5. They look so effective in all those little vases - would be perfect in my kitchen!

  6. Simply beautiful. These violets would certainly add a pop of color here in very snowy and cold New York! So excited to see pictures of your new always I'm sure they will be gorgeous!! Have a lovely weekend. xo, Alicia


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