too good to use...

I am in the process of photographing a lot of "new" or should I say "old" items that have just arrived.

I do not know about you, but I think that this antique damask napkin is too good to use as a napkin. It would look great in the centre of a table or you could even use it to make a fabulous and very French looking cushion cover.

The design is gorgeous and the quality is second to none.

It measures 31 " Wide x 28 " Long

Well mes belles, that was my break and it is back to work I go. Hope that you are all enjoying the first week of a fresh new year....

Leeann x


  1. Ha! It's funny you wrote about this because yesterday as I finished packing the Christmas stuff, my boyfriend made fun of the fact that I never used the beautiful antique linen Christmas napkins. Especially the fact that they were there when everyone arrived and were "mysteriously" switched by different napkins right before dinner. Sorry, but I would just hate to see my pristine white linen napkins smeared in red lipstick. It is sacrilegious! :)

  2. Beautiful.... I love those monogrammed napkins so much. Happy New Year Leeann. x

  3. A beautiful piece of linen. I would be inclined to make it into a cushion.


  4. Dearest Leeann,

    You ought to keep that for a perfect table cover for having a tray with tea! Just perfect and this kind of quality linen is quite up to some heavier use.
    Enjoy it and have a great 2012!


  5. Agree w/ you. Make into a pillow! Have a great day.

  6. I agree - far too gorgeous for napkins! Bonne année!

  7. To touch lovely linens is one of life's greatest sensual pleasure. (I'm not exaggerating.) I like their feel better than that of silk..


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