Rain, rain go away...

{photo from rodneysmith.com}

....come back another day!

We have just come back from spending a couple of days beside the sea. It was not as one might imagine as we had snow...... and have returned to rain in Eymet and we have snow forecast for the weekend.

I am thinking "cosy" a word that the French have adopted and are using more and more.

A demain mes amies, Leeann x


  1. Yes indeed, stay cosy and warm and I hope you have a good book and knitting.

    The sun has not risen yet and the forecast is for 70's with off shore winds. I am going for a run on the beach at day break!
    Helen xx

  2. Stay inside and read a good book or a pile of magazines. Beautiful image, Leeann.

  3. Rain. Too much here too. :( Want. sunshine. pronto. :) I want to walk barefoot in the grass. I could now, but it would be a smidgen soggy...

  4. Tell me more about this thing called "snow" .. :)
    It has been broiling hot for so long now and when it rains it storms a minute then is just heavy and humid .. so cold and snow sound lovely to me at this time ... besitos..


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