I made a slideshow...

{photo taken yesterday, Maison No. 20 - SW France}

It is that time of the year when people start planning their holidays.

As a result, that means that we need to think about marketing which is not as easy as it sounds as I have come to find out.

Yesterday I made a wee slide show for "Apartment Deux" and I now need to make one for "Apartment Un". You can view it here.

I appear to have a long list of things to do, are you the same? I find that if I do not make a list, nothing gets done whereas if I prepare a list I am more motivated.

Note it is a grey day here in SW France and I must admit that I am not than motivated and most of the things on my list require fine weather...I will start the painting tomorrow.

bon dimanche à tout mon petit monde....Leeann x


  1. Lists are very motivating. I will be checking your video shortly.

    Your home looks beautiful


  2. Lovely images, Leann. I have to have a list too, and then I can force myself to complete each task.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  3. Very creative video. I love your painted commode in photo!

  4. LeeAnn, I loved this slideshow! I need to learn how to do that. Ok, when can I come? :)


  5. I can agree with you,tourism marketing is the hardest I ever had to do espacially in a mostly unknown country like mine.I also made a long list what to prepare for my guests in the future season, how to offer them new attactions.
    best regards from the great hungarian plain.Dorka www.dorottyaudvar.co.hu

  6. It's wonderful! You did a fabulous job...hope to visit someday.

  7. I'm so impressed with your slideshow - your appartment is so stylish and this is a wonderful way to promote it and the surrounding area too. Eymet looks so pretty and Saint Emilion is one of my all time favourite places - I have a friend who lives close by in Lussac.

  8. What a lovely video of your apartment, Leann. My family and I visited relatives near Sarlat last July but I have never visited Eymet. As for the weather in la Dordogne, well... let's just say that things aren't any brighter on the Seattle front- to the extent that it inspired this morning's new story on my blog. Bonne fin de weekend! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  9. I know what you mean, if I don't write it down it doesn't happen. Everyone is allowed to spend and day doing nothing every now and then though.

  10. Stunning. No wonder you are happily living in France. Could never recreate that in little old NZ. Jane :)


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