Bon Week-end à Toutes et Tous...

{photo from here}

When I saw this fabulous image, I immediately thought of my manequins and think that if they saw this photo they would be very jealous hence I am now on the lookout of some flowers so that I can adorn my girls.

This weekend I have lots of objects to paint so my plan is to stay warm and paint indoors. What are you doing this weekend?

Mes amis(es) je vous souhaite à toutes et à tous un très agréable Week-end!!..Amitiés...Bisous, Leeann x


  1. what a gorgeous picture, wishing you a wonderful weekend too... how did you end up in France.. my family origin is french, my maiden name Chopin.. when in my late teens our father returned to the town where he mostly grew up, it was Aix en Provence.. we went there in the early 60's and were welcomed so warmly by all his friends who had survived the war ww2. Now it is my ambition to end my days in france and speak the language of my ancestors, but could only do that if I am widowed ha ha as my husband is so english.. you must be fluent in the language now and I really do envy you and the life you have carved out.. I look forward to seeing more of your blogs, I am new to this game and its really been an eye opener!! What talent is out there!!!! best wishes, A bientot.. Janzi(jeannine)

  2. Ooooh, I'm envious of those flowers and I'm not a mannequin! No big plans for the weekend, just some much needed rest and hanging out at home. I've been gone for 2 weeks.

  3. Beautiful flowers

    I will be like you painting. I have some commissions from our art opening this past weekend. All good.

    have a delightful weekend


  4. Lovely!

    For me this weekend it'sdinner and wine with a friend and staying warm with hot chocolate and homemade whipped cream tomorrow while reading my new issues of Romantic Homes and Victoria magazine.

    xo, Alicia

  5. The flowers are beautiful!.. Love the color too.
    Have a nice weekend inside!

  6. Gorgeous flowers! I'll be doing the same as you, painting away. Have a nice weekend!

  7. Painting.. yes, I have a lot of that to do.. but first catching up in the 3 months I have been gone in blog world...
    Your photo is gorgeous...

  8. Those flowers are divine!

    XX Kathryn

  9. Gloriously gorgeous flowers! The color is stunning. I'm just getting caught up on some reading. It's gray and a little drizzly here. Enjoy your painting..

  10. Hello Leeann
    Sounds like a lovely day for you!

    I had a Skyping session with my French family this morning - oh soooo wonderful to see my newest Angel - Jessie who is now one week old!!!!
    Life is wonderful!


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  12. I and my dress form girls are envious of those beautiful flowers! *winks* As for the weekend I'll do what I always do...look for treasures so I can keep on blogging! Vanna


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