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Love at first sight...

Bonjour mes belles,

I hope that you had a nice weekend. Ours was another busy one which included having a stand at a local Christmas Market on Saturday and a little treasure hunting yesterday.

When we woke up yesterday it was raining so we thought that it was not worth going to a local vide grenier. Three hours later the rain had stopped so altough it was later than we intended, off we went on our mission.

As normal, we tend to lose each other as FBF stops to chat to the other dealers and I put my head down, passing each that I know with a quick Bonjour only.

As fate would have it yesterday, at the end of a long road standing alone and dirty was a girandole lamp of very large portions. Although the frame is not that old, all of the crystals that adorn her are and as you know I love crystals and find anything with crystal hard to resist.

With FBF no where to be seen nor the vendor, I stood gazing at the object of my desire, unsure what I should do next. I asked the vendor opposite where the missing vendor of the girandole was, but he had no idea and thought that perhaps he had headed off for a coffee.

I did not want to leave my newly found treasure but at the same time wanted to look at the surrounding stands. A few minutes later, as if by magic, I heard a voice stating that the vendor had returned.

I demanded the price, it did not seem unreasonable but at the same time I thought I should at least try and negotiate. I offered a lower price, the vendor said no, so I then upped my offer and to my delight the vendor accepted. I quickly paid and asked if he could mind it for me, I would return later to collect.

I am calling her my winter project as she has quite a few pieces of crystal missing which I need to repose and also hunt for some of the couteau shaped crystals that I do not have any of in stock. It will be a real labour of love as I adore her and she made what started off an ordinary Sunday, a special day indeed!

As far as other treasures are concerned, there was not a lot apart from a pair of wall lights which have crystals and also antique silk so are a little different from the normal wall lights that you see on the market.

I am now off to start cleaning crystals.......

Je vous souhaite une tres bonne semaine, signed a tres contente moi x


  1. What a find! - those crystals are such a beautiful shape. I can understand why you left feeling so pleased with your trésor!

  2. Oh I love this piece! Such a great find.

  3. Oh I love this piece! Such a great find.

  4. Oh I love this piece! Such a great find.

  5. Bonjour Leeann,

    How wonderful that you found this lovely treasure.
    It is so beautiful and have fun cleaning the crystals.
    Also thanks for sharing the snow ball recipe, will be the only snow we will see this holidays.
    Happy new week


  6. I can see why you feel in love with this one.

  7. Love to see it apres it gets the "Le Treatment Leeann";) Maryanne

  8. Oh my goodness, that is GORGEOUS! xo ~Lili


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