Good Food and Shopping for Antiques...

{photo from here}

We spent Sunday in Bordeaux as it was the last day of the Antiques fair and also the marche aux puces/flea market.

On of my favourite places to find treasure is the Passage du St Michel which is home to a range of different antique dealers.

On the ground floor is a fabulous restaurant where both the food and the decor are "vraiment super".

{photo from Le Passage St Michel Brasserie Website}

We ordered the plat du jour which was 1/2 a roast chicken with mashed potato and it was the best that I have eaten.

So if you are ever in Bordeaux and you want to hunt for treasure and afterwards eat at a restaurant amongst the treasures, you know where to go but do not tell anyone that I told you....

A demain mes amies, Leeann x


  1. Mmmm, looks and sounds yumm! Enjoy your market Leeann xo Col -Afrique du Sud

  2. Chicken and lovely French mashed potato - delicious! Will remember next time I visit Bordeaux.

  3. Thanks for the tip, will make sure I visit when I go back to Bordeaux in February.

  4. perfect combination!!! Will keep it in mind for when I get to Bordeaux someday.
    cheers, Beatrice

  5. Good Morning Leeann:

    I am one of your followers and enjoy your blog very much. I would have loved to have had lunch with you and shopped the markets in Bordeaux. Been there, but not for awhile.

  6. C'etait vraiment super! If I visit France, I will definitely check out these places

  7. Thank you for such a fabulous find.


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