Amost too good to eat...

{photo from here}

This "bûche Un Noël à la campagne", is courtesy of Pierre Hermé. The series is limited to 200 cakes only and it will feed 10/12 people depending on how hungry you are and it cost 90 euros.

I adore it but think that it would be a shame to cut it......

Joyeuses fetes a tous........Leeann x


  1. totally yum worthy :) best le xox

  2. Wow c'est un jolie gâteau! I love the carvings around the side to make it look like a stump. 90 euros!

  3. Beautiful cake. Wouldn't want to cut it either.

  4. Love that cake... yummy... but it's impossible to cut it tough
    Ciao from Italy

  5. That's not a cake: C'est une oeuvre d'art! Superbe. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  6. I agree, too beautiful to eat...pity to let it go to waste though...

  7. Agree, such a lovely cake and definitely too good to eat!! (Although of course I would give it a try!!) X

  8. How spectacular! Of course, it must be as yummy as it is exquisite. A feast for the eyes. Don't know if i could bring myself to cut into it. Think i'd rather give it a a fabulous gift, and let another do the cutting! :)


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