Shop Update...

I was hoping to finish this post earlier in the day but had to go to Bordeaux unexpectedly to look at some items that were advertised for sale.

The result? We have just arrived back at the house with......a pair of fabulous louis style chairs circa 1930, chandelier with crystals and matching wall lights and a fabulous very large venetian mirror which just fitted in the car.

Needless to say we are tired but happy with our new tresors. Speaking of tresors, I have updated the shop with some new items (as shown in the photo above) and have more items to photograph tomorrow.

Signed a "tres fatique mais tres contente" Leeann x


  1. How exciting to now have these awesome find. Hope you're well.

  2. did get some the things in the photo! Going to have a look at the shop! All the best,Chrissy

  3. I'm going to look in the shop now!

  4. Hİ :) I like your blog ! Your photos are very nice ! :) If you want contact me you can find me on twitter. (my username @KubilaySakarya) or you can send mail ( ) I hope you’ll like my blog. Check out me ! :) Keep In Touch ! :)

  5. I'm obsessed with French religious figures. Your collection is gorgeous!! Happy Thanksgiving!


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