pretty present...

That is what I thought when I say this pair of lovelies. What a lovely present they would make.

The ligne sack is perfect for storing your washing in either when at home or whilst travelling and the lingerie sack is ideal for keeping your delicates separate from other items in your suitcase. Both items are made locally but supplies are limited as it depends on the availability of the fabric.

The large laundry/ligne sack is 15 euros...

The lingerie bags are 10 euros each and would make a great stocking filler...

Such pretty fabric and a change from the standard toile de jouy, I particularly like the medallion part with the girl feeding the chickens, perhaps I am a country girl at heart.

That said, I am planning a shopping trip to Bordeaux tomorrow so am off to prepare my shopping list....

A tres bientot, Leeann x

p.s. I also have some more of the lovely toile de jouy aprons back in stock, should anyone be looking for one.


  1. I have made some of these bags for brides to give as gifts. I wish I had the beautiful fabric used in these. Love your postings. I'll be back again.


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