last weekend's photos part 2..

I hope that you are all having a tres bon week-end. As promised, here is part 2 of the photos that we took whilst spending the weekend in Brantome, a gorgeous village 1 1/2 hour's drive from our house.

So many beautiful buildings......

All the buildings are so beautifully well cared for.....and what is a better way to zip around town than in a brand new fiat which is perfect for traversing the quiant but often tiny streets.

I think I have told you before, this area is famous for its foie gras, hence the sign......

There are lots of lovely shops but fortunately for FBF many are closed on Monday... note to self, come back on a day when they are all open!

Local boulangerie window, there is something timeless about baskets and French bread....

I love the way that vegetables and fruit are presented in France, every item so carefully placed and each is a work of art in itself.....

Hope that you enjoyed the photos, I am now off to continue making yesterdays recipe as I am up to the part when you chill the pumpkin and apple mixture......

bon dimanche a tous, Leeann x


  1. Gorgeous photos and it looks the kind of place where you can't fail to have a tres bon weekend! XXX

  2. Beautiful village. I will be back home in a couple of weeks and would love to visit this Dordogne town

  3. Perfect ! If I were to imagine what a village in the Dordogne would look like, this is it :)

  4. Much as I love the look of those pumpkins I'd hate to have to carry one home in my shopping bag.


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