what is it....

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that we love about old frames and toile de jouy? It is a love affair that continues and I guess will continue for many years to come.

If I have the choice between an antique and a new frame, the antique frame always wins and the same applies to pieces of old toile de jouy.

Hence I am taking a box of frames and pieces of very old toile de jouy fabric with me to the brocante taking place this Sunday.

Also coming along for the ride is an antique mannequin which I am secretly hoping no one buys as I have become attache to her, a few chandeliers, wall lights with lots of crystal, antique napkins and a few other goodies that I need to dig out of my garage......no easy task as the garage is full at present.

Did I mention that I found some new tresors yesterday.......fabulous old roll of toile de jouy wallpaper which I had to have but forgot to negotiate the price down, globe de marriage which I simply adore as I have been searching for one for a very long time plus some fabulous antique petite lamp shades and a set of old prints in black frames.

I promise to take camera and have charged the battery, I am now hoping that the weather cools down a bit as the forecast is for sun and 30 degrees.

I am off to start packing my tresors carefully into boxes....

A deamin mes belles, Leeann x


  1. Dearest Leeann,

    That sounds quite interesting and very promising! Hope the weather will be pleasant but the humidity for sure will not be high, even with 30 degrees Celcius.
    A demain et love to you,


  2. I love Toile, any shape or form, it looks good in the frames. Clever. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. I love toile! And I love the fabric framed in those beautiful frames, what a brilliant idea! Good luck with your sale.

  4. Gorgeous! I LOOOOVE old frames. I look for them whenever I go antiquing. I have pieces of artwork waiting for that ideal old frame. :) Thanks for sharing!


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