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How was your weekend? It was a long weekend here in France with lots of activities all taking place at the same time.

The activities included a couple of vide greniers and a fabulous oyster and white wine festival, held in the village square.

Fortunately we saw some sun yesterday but Sunday was the opposite with many that attended the vide grenier in the nearby village of Lazun looking like drowned rats. Despite the mauvaise weather, we managed to find some treasures including the candelabra that you see pictured above long with 2 zinc platters complete with matching cloches. I personally think that these are great for cheese but a friend has one similar and she has plants displayed on hers.

More details about these new arrivals can be found on the fabulously french website.

Leeann x

p.s. I am placing a Mathilde M order on Friday so if anyone has any special requests please email me!


  1. Love the candlabra. Too cute.

  2. I love the zinc cheese plate. I will have to check out the store for more finds. Have a great day.

  3. A beautiful candalabra, lovely find:)


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