vendredi fleurs...

{photo taken in a small village on route to Sarlat}

Bonjour from a cooler SW France, how was your week? Mine was a busy one which saw up having to drive to Sarlat (fabulous medieval village 1 1/2 hrs drive away) to deliver a buffet that proved to be bigger than most vans.

Needless to say we were happy when we found a van big enough and it is now happy in it's new home. The new owner is planning on giving it the "patine" treatment.

I cannot wait to see the finished result. I also have a few items that I would like to paint but think that these will be Autumn projects.

This weekend I am going to be helping French boyfriend with the decoration of his new antique shop, what are you doing this weekend?

Bon journee a tous, Leeann x


  1. Your weekend sounds fabulous...I'd love the chance to look through all of the vintage treasures!

    My family and I will hopefully be enjoying the beach and warm water...especially if this 90 + degree heat continues.


  2. Lovely flowers,thanks you share with us !
    Have a wonderful week-end, too!


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