Introducing the Marquis et Marquise...

What little girl or big girl, for that matter, could resist these two fabulous vintage 1950's dolls?

I love the attention to detail, the "Marquise" comes complete with petticoat and lace pants underneath her fabulous dress....

Whilst the "Marquis" looks equally splendid in all his finery.

They are available for purchase in the Fabulously French online shop, for the royal sum of 20 euros + postage

Speaking for royal we also have one more of the Baron's sheets in stock complete with crown and monogramme, you will find more details here.

Wishing you all a fabuleuse semaine, Leeann x


  1. These little dolls remind me of Marie Antoinette or another princess of that era!

  2. wasn't it Marie Antoinette that had her head chopped off? Like some dolls tend to do.

  3. Those are stellar! So much better than a North American "Barbie" ;)

  4. those are stunning!!!
    really looove them!



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