I want one of these..

{photo from here}

What is it about a gypsy style caravan or roulotte as they are called in French, that makes you want to run away?

A friend has one complete with lights on the ceiling that resemble stars. Another friend is selling a piece of land that would be an ideal home for a roulotte.

Did I mention that the piece of land comes complete with wee wooden cabin that has no electricity or water. The idea of having no electricity and using candles is romantic, but I am not convinced about the no water part but think that this would be easier enough to solve through purchasing water and storing in a large tank.

An eco retreat amongst the vines, what do you think?

Good idea or not? I would love to know what you think...Leeann x


  1. I so am with you but for me it is only a dream..... Best wishes...

  2. I'm totally with you, too. Looks like a heavenly little escape.

  3. No electricity - no problems. NO water? No way ;-)

  4. Absolutely lovely - I would love one in my backyard, next to my garden! (so that if I need water, I can just go into my house!)

  5. First, you might want to rent a gypsy wagon and horse and walk through the contryside of Wales. We did and it was a most wonderful experience.

  6. I found some here and have been dreaming of a gypsy life ever since, although the whole waterless thing scares me. Maybe they have a nearby bathroom-only roulotte. That I could get used to.


    Corine Gantz
    Author of Hidden in Paris, a novel.

  7. I would adore one of these....it offers the feeling of 'escape' and I think we all need to escape if only for 5 minutes each day....what a lovely dream.


  8. I saw one of these gorgeous caravans on an Internet site when I was looking for places to stay. Don't they look divine? X

  9. I want one too!! :D
    I can make my bear studio in it!

  10. The whole idea of a gypsy caravan seems so romantic. This one is gorgeous. The electricity, or lack of it, wouldnt be a problem, but I'd think hard about the water part. Amanda xx

  11. Incredible!!! Roulotte ~ yes of course...A lovely plot of land for the roulotte ~ yes...No electricity ~ well okay, sounds romantic...No water ~ is there a stream running through the lovely plot of land??
    Love this post Leeann!

  12. That appeals to me as well. I long for a small guest house out back that I can decorate to my hearts content and hide out in during the weekends. ;)

    Thanks so much for the sweet bday wishes yesterday.

  13. I love to camp out (tent) in the woods, so living primitive would be no problem for me. Hope you own one soon!

  14. That's so pretty! When I was a child Romany travellers used to camp near our school for a couple of months each summer and the children attended the school. They had three similar caravans and I spent many happy hours with them after school finished each day. Their caravans are like a Tardis, a place for everything, always polished and sparkling and immaculately tidy. They were very skilled craftspeople and warm & welcoming. Happy memories of lovely people.

  15. I've wanted one of those since I was a kid and read the Famous Five- Five Go Off in a Caravan. They travelled around having adventures in one of these. A lifetime of vague longing was set in train.


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