a petite project...

{easter decorations in my wee boutique}

Well it has been a hot couple of days here in SW France and we made the best of the sunshine whilst it lasted. Today was a little or should I say very grey and a little rainy so I have spent some time making a couple of decorations for the Fabulously French Showroom.

To make these pots look a little more eastery I placed some fresh moss inside and then arranged a few plastic speckled eggs which I found on ebay.

The second project was a little more complicated and took a little more time.I used a twig structure that I previously used as a decoration for Christmas, as a base. I hung more of the wee speckled eggs on the structure then covered it with fresh moss.

I then placed it on top of a vintage champagne bucket and it is now standing in my showroom window.

.....the finished result....

Well mes amies, I am tres fatigue after all this hard? work on a very calm and still grey dimanche and are now off for a wee siesta....

A tres bientot, Leeann x


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! I love the pots and the last image is great!


  2. Great Eastery projects...especially love those pots!

  3. How gorgeous, your shop looks absolutely gorgeous, Happy Easter Aussie Amanda.xx

  4. Those pots are the best! Is that your iPod playing music while you work?

  5. I love the little pots of eggs, what a pretty idea.

  6. darling easter decorations and the trees are wonderful!

  7. Very pretty! I LOVE the chandelier too~ Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  8. It looks so lovely! I should think I'd be very happy pottering around your showroom looking at all your treasures!
    Amanda x

  9. This is absolutely amazing! So much better than vinegar stenched colored eggs!

    Thank you for the time you spent creating this and sharing it with us...I would love to recreate it for our home.

  10. These photos are lovely! Thank you for sharing, have a fab easter!

  11. So pretty! I just found your blog and i love it!!


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