looking for a new home...

I am a little bit shabby but a lot chic, I am French bien sur and am looking for a new home.

I cost 130 euros + postage.

Please contact my owner for further information.


  1. She's gorgeous! I'm sure she'll find a loving home :)

  2. Hola! Tu maniquí es muy elegante y todos lo van a querer! Un beso, Gloria.

  3. I would love her but the postage I fear would break the bank. X

  4. Oh, swoon...I love her, too! She's gorgeous. Sadly, the postage would break my bank, too!
    Good luck finding her a good home!

  5. If only the postage was not so expensive in France, I am hoping that she finds a home locally :-)

    Leeann x

  6. would love her in my home, if it wasn't across the atlantic! lucky person who gets her!

  7. oh. Leeann

    I want her, I want her. I want her.
    if only the postage is not to high.(sigh~)

    Julie xx

  8. Lovely...I know she will find a good home!


  9. Oooo such a shapely figurine!!

    I read your comment on Carolyn's Little Bear Studio blog.
    I'll think of you watching in France. Your husband sounds like mine - not really a man thing.
    I bought a tacky tiara to wear from the $2 shop - Mr RLB thinks Ive gone crazy!!....

    Ten of us a celebrating with a "Right Royal Wedding Dinner" which will be great fun - for the girls!!!

    Enjoy your day Leeann
    Shane x

  10. gorgeous.... can't imagine what the postage would be to Australia??? and not sure what hubby would say if another girl turned up to live with us, have four now so would need to build an extension :)


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