Friday flowers and a poem...

{photo and poem from here}

2 Jonquilles
Le pré aux jonquilles

Mes yeux jouent aux quilles
Dans le pré aux jonquilles
Les femmes portent leur beauté
Comme des bouquets parfumés

Il y a dans l'air un baiser
à peine osé, à peine posé
Qui fait sur les lèvres fleurir
Les boutonnières du sourire

Le printemps est revenu
Et dans le jardin des nues
Les anges en robe blanche
Cueillent les fleurs du silence

Tout semble si paisible
Que la mort impassible
Me croise sans me heurter
Et discrètement marche à mes côtés



2 Daffodils
The meadow daffodils

My eyes are playing bowling
In the meadow with daffodils
Women wear their beauty
As fragrant bouquets

There was a kiss in the air
hardly dared hardly posed
Who's on the lips bloom
Buttonholes smile

Spring has returned
And in the garden naked
The angels in white dress
Pluck the flowers of silence

Everything seems so peaceful
Impassive as death
Cross my face without me
And quietly walk beside me



  1. Happy Friday to you L and these are lovely- The Poem just perfect. x

  2. Such a gorgeous flower pic! Perfect start to the day. Fiona

  3. just beautiful image and words! grazie...

  4. So happy I found your blog while surfing for french chair inspiraion. I just bougt two that I want to make over :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Gorgeous!! Thank you. Happy weekend!

  6. Sweet poem and gorgeous pics!
    Have a sweet day!

  7. Lovely poem and beautiful flowers!

  8. Beautiful poem, beautiful gently reminds me Spring really is on the way. In fact, today I saw the first little buds popping up from the garden. I'm ready! It's been a loooong winter.

  9. We actually planted all new flowers in our yard today since ours died in the freeze~~our new hydrangeas are so pretty!! It's so nice to have flowers in our garden again! Spring is here!

  10. Oh! Les joilies jonquilles... Vive le printemps.Bisous


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