Running away....

{photo from here}

When I saw this fabulous photo of this new hotel in Frome, SW England I knew that it was meant for me. Also think that this photo may inspire me to start work on the attic at maison no. 20 as the attic has big beams the same as pictured above and I think that it would make a fabulous not to mention extra large bedroom for apartment un.
I adore the zinc bath and the bed is also pretty fabulous. For more fabulous photos of this amazing hotel, click here.
Just need to save some pennies.....for both the weekend away and renovation of the attic space.

......a vendredi mes amies,

Leeann x


  1. I live just 20 minutes away from there! It does look fabulous and I can see why you would want to stay there. Frome has a lot of Vintage shops too!
    Isabelle x

  2. fabulous,if you go.. take me too???

  3. I'm loving it - I could run away there!!

  4. Look like the perfect escape. I'm off to check out the website.
    Hope you are having a good week,

  5. Wow! what a lovely space.
    And the tub, I could bathe there for hours. Is it the top floor?

  6. Looks amazing Leeann and its within my 'stomping ground' when I am in the UK.. Thanks for the link - love it! X (From Semi-Expat)

  7. It is great to dream and even better to be inspired. x

  8. I have just read an article about this hotel it looks amazing, good for a lovely weekend away.
    Nice to dream

  9. Gorgeous! I dream of staying there :)

    Angela x

  10. What an amazing place to stay! I could sink into that tub and not come out for year!

  11. Oh! To have an attic space to inspiring!!!

    m ^..^


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