New arrivals at Fab French..

{Fabulous Grands Magasins Du Printemps Guide from the 1960's}

Today is a rainy day in SW France and I have decided that it is best to remain indoors. I have spent this afternoon photographing stock and updating the fab french online store, which is taking longer than I thought.

There are many items - new and vintage and many have the same theme "Paris".

A recent find was this wonderful vintage Grands Magasins Du Printemps Guide which is dated 1961.

It contains 84 fabulous pages including chic advertisements along with details of what to see and do in this fabulous and much loved romantic city.

It is written in English and French and is a guide on where to go and what to do in Paris. What a fabulous and unusual gift this would make.

Another fabulous find is this Versailles "Des Fetes De Nuit" programme dated 1961.

Also new in is this wee vintage photo album which features photos of Paris.

Brand new items, include these fabulous Eiffel Tower serving trays, which are perfect for serving drinks in the sun.

Or for the girl that has everything but longs to visit Paris one day, these "Paris" egg cups would make a perfect gift for Easter. They come in a beautiful gift box and included are two stainless steel spoons.

Also new in is this fabulous cupid picture frame containing a vintage post card from Versailles.

Love the detail of the old French post cards.

Other new arrivals include:

more vintage French tea towels (never washed or used complete with original stickers),

1880's French ivory covered bible,

vintage florentine trays,

vintage French gravure in original frame,

2 vintage flour bags,

2 vintage demi jour lamp shades,

vintage Pommery champagne bucket and

religious framed souvenir de premiere communion print with gold detail, dated 1906

For details on any of the above items, please visit the fabulously French online shop.

........bonne soirée from a still rainy SW France.......

Leeann x


  1. Questo blog è favoloso! Clementina

  2. Some beautiful things --- it must feel like Christmas - Some would be hard to part with. x

  3. Magnificent - I feel like Paris is ALWAYS on my mind! I can't wait for the day I finally get to go, although I also fear I will never want to leave.

  4. Bonjour Leeann,

    You have some fabulous things in your shop, thanks for showing us.

    Happy Wednesday

  5. So~ I am married to a Frenchman~we are coming this summer~staying with family in Paris and then on to Montpellier...pleeeeezzzz...tell me the hidden treasures you haunt. I will obviously be hitting the flea markets and all that his family is privy too. But would love your thoughts!! (:

  6. So many lovely items...
    love that Eiffel tray:)

  7. Hi Leann,

    After the terrible earthquake in NZ, hope all your family and friends there are OK.

    K x

  8. Dearest Leeann,

    You are a French kiwi with a tender heart for your country of birth! Your blog is full of interesting finds; very rare items you managed to spot.
    Enjoy what you're doing and have a great weekend!

    Lots of love,


  9. So beautiful and inspiring, merci! Erica


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