Why I love living in France..

One of the reasons that I adore living in France is because you sometimes fabulous treasures like these chairs. There were 4 available and I purchased 2 for my new bedroom.

The plan is to clean and wax the wood and then cover the seat with antique linen. The other 2 are looking for a home but am sure that they will not be for sale for long.

.......a la prochaine....

Leeann x

p.s. it is a little crazy here at present as I found a lot of treasures at the weekend and I am about to start sorting and cleaning which could take some time!


  1. I love living in France as well and your treasures are so nice!! What great chairs to have!! You must be so thrilled!
    Have a lovely rest of the week

  2. Having lived in the States for more than 20 years, I appreciate France more and more.Lot et Garonne holds lots of charm! great chairs

  3. these are lovely! cannot wait to see what else you got! treasure hunting is such an addiction!

  4. gorgeous! I wish I lived in France

  5. Yes, that would be a great plus!!! Ha, understatement of the week lol
    Your chairs are wonderful.
    Hope your Holiday is going well

  6. Your chairs are going to look wonderful. The linen will give them the WOW factor.
    Enjoy sorting your treasures. XXXX

  7. Oh yes, these are gorgeous chairs. You have an eye for antiques.
    Please post the makeover. Show us the beautiful difference.

  8. Love those chairs...
    In my next life I'm the stork is dropping me in France :)

  9. ...I would love living there too. You are so lucky =0) The chairs are stunning!
    Ness xx

  10. OMGosh LeeAnn! My heart went pitter patter when I noticed those cherubs on them. You are so lucky girl! I hope you show them off to us after you recover them with the linen. xoxo ~Lili

  11. You are right living in France you find such lovely things and the chairs I am sure will look lovely after your majic touch!

  12. I just returned from a buying trip and oh, how I wish I could enjoy your France all the year.

    I posted this special piece found in Paris...asking viewers to 'guess' its original use.

  13. Those chair are gorgeous! I noticed one the finials are missing, would be cute to find a small bird and maybe a nest to replace it! Just a bit of whimsy!

  14. Leeann,

    As a lover of all things French, it's a real treat for me to stop by your blog. And, for having such a fabulous blog, I have awarded you the Cherry on Top Award. If you'd like to display it on your blog, just stop by my blog to pick it up.

    - JB

  15. They are beautiful.. What a treasure to have found them. I love your makeover idea. Hope to see the results. Carla

  16. Great chairs .. can't wait to see when you have given them your magic touch. HHL


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