vendredi fleurs....

Thought that I would share these fabulous Christmas arrangement ideas that I received from a friend - mille mercis Josette.

Love this idea the best and may just have to give it a go myself, just need to remember when I put the antique soupiere - somewhere so safe that now I can not find it!

.......a la prochaine........
Leeann x


  1. Just beautiful....those center piece look simple enough that I may even be able to accomplish them.


    By the way, my name is Josette, also, I don't find many people out there with the same is kinda nice.



  2. Lovely ideas! I too have the habit of putting things in "safe keeping" and forgetting where they are. I hope you find the soup tureen soon.

    Keep posting these wonderful ideas. They inspire me.....

  3. I LOVE amaryllis and they are always in the French florists at Christmas time - maybe that's one of the lovely perfumes when one steps into those shops.
    I could spend hours there - especially the ones in Paris. I wanted to buy everything!!!
    Enjoy your weekend - take time out to visit a florists and do tell us what you find - please Leeann!!!
    Christmas hugs
    Shane x

  4. Love the use of baubles. I might try it! Fiona

  5. Wow, love the cenre piece with the candle. The wreath is also a good idea.Done with all my favorit christmas colors. I'd love to give it a go myself too.

  6. It is pure gorgeousness! I love that flower arrangement in the first picture! Have a lovely week ahead, Kellie xx

  7. Beautiful!!! Our neighbors across the street live in Montpielr (spelling???) but, bought the house across the street from us & visit back & forth betweent here & there every three months. They say all their friends in France say it is very cold this year. I love the lights on that fountain you shared. Enjoy the holidays! Charlene

  8. Very striking arrangement, thanks so much for sharing. I have just the perfect ironstone soup tureen! xoxo ~Lili


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