A nation in mourning

This morning, we awoke to the news that there has been a second blast in the mine in which the 29 miners were trapped, which was considerably worse than the 1st blast.

Based on the size of the explosion, there is now no hope that the miners survived.

Today as a Kiwi living abroad, I join NZ as a nation in mourning and my thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of the missing miners. I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through at present and would ask that you all do the same.

Leeann x


  1. Yes it is very sad. I have been to Greymouth it is a very authentic place. So terrible for all the families and friends. I think because of Chile people allowed themselves to hope....

  2. This is such sad news. I can't imagine how the poor families are coping with this. I will be keeping them all in my prayers.


  3. Hello my dear kiwi friend

    The devastating news late this afternoon has left our whole nation in a state of shock.
    We had such hope that this time there would be a good outcome.

    When our Prime Minister John Key addressed us on TV he was visibly distressed. He had visited the miners families several times this week.
    It's a black day for New Zealand.
    We appreciate everyones thoughts and prayers for those families and friends suffering at this time.

    I've just done a similar post.
    Shane x

  4. *sigh*....will light another candle.....sad....REALY sad!

  5. My thoughts go out to every New Zealander today. It has been big news here in the UK, and after Chile, everyone hoped for a similar result. For any nation, a tragedy such as this must be incredibly difficult, but for NZ, with such a small population, it must be doubly painful. With the earthquake only a month or so ago too, I hope that the new year will bring joy and happiness again. My thoughts are with the families this morning.
    Sarah x

  6. A lovely tribute Leeann....I have been so saddened by this news and cannot begin to imagine the heartache suffered by the families involved...xv

  7. Oh no, this is such sad news. I will keep the families in my prayer. Have a nice week, Leanne.

  8. Such tragedies make you aware of the fragility of life. Mining is an incredibly hard, dangerous way to make a living and my heart goes out to these lost men who had such courage. The families are now the survivors who must cope with the sadness and horror of having lost their loved ones. I will keep them in my prayers.

  9. My heart goes to their families.

  10. Oh Leeanne that is horrible news.My prayers and thoughts are with the families. Hugs,Rachel

  11. Proud Kiwi here :)

    What a lovely post Leeann. It is just so incredibly sad and for those of us still getting over the eartquake and its aftermath it just seems so incredibly unfair that wonderful people of the little old South Island can be hit by another terrible disaster (obviously though both huge they cannot really be compared).

    It must be so hard to be away from your homeland particularly at a time like this...

    xx Karen

  12. So sorry to learn of this devastating news LeeAnn. It is so sad to hear all hope has been lost for them. xo ~Lili

  13. Absoultely devastating. So sad - my thoughts are with you and with your home nation and especially for the all the families involved. x


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