Vendredi fleurs....

All Saints Day in France is part of a national holiday known as La Toussaint.

La Toussaint is a two day festival during which the French celebrate two holidays together: All Saints Day, the day for remembering Catholic saints, and All Souls Day, the day for praying for the souls of the deceased

1 November - All Saints' Day - Toussaint
Pronounced: too-sont

While Halloween is celebrated with trick or treat & parties, on November the 1st Toussaint or All Saints Day, it is traditional for the French to visit the graves of loved ones and decorate them with Chrysanthemums and sometimes Heathers.

Chrysanthemums symbolise hope of future resurrection. Toussaint is an important holiday for the French and a week or so before the shops will be filled with flowers especially Chrysanthemums.

As Chrysanthemums are traditionally laid on graves in France, it would be a considerable faux-pas to give these flowers as a gift to French friends or neighbours.

...Bon week-end a tous,
Leeann x


  1. My french friends fiancé gave her Mums when they were dating = pretty funny.
    Are those lavender bouquets going to be for sale? Did you grown it?

  2. oh my, very interesting, the connotations of flowers... they are so beautiful and here they are a symbol of autumn, which is in a way a little death, eh?

  3. Interesting post- here in Australia we give chrysanthemums to our Mothers on ~Mothers Day~ or people take them to the cemetery if their Mother is deceased.
    I would never give a bunch of them as a gift.

  4. such a shame to reduce these beautiful flowers into just graveyard goods. personaly i love them and shock every year my french neighbours and friends buying chrysanthemums for my window sill.

  5. That's such a sweet tradition! I love your picture!!!

    Kristin xo

  6. How fascinating - goodness me, it's good to know these traditions, but I must say it's a bit sad that mums aren't given as a gift - such cheery flowers. Here in Aus it's such a diferent tradition to give them to our mothers on Mother's Day x

  7. Yes the French even have rules for flowers - as we do too!!
    This is a most interesting post about All Souls and All Saints days and I'm so glad they are still celebrated there.
    We can't let these wonderful old traditionas disappear - as they have in secular countries!
    Shane x

  8. Hi Leeann,

    Thank you for sharing the interesting post about All Saints Day and the traditions about Chrysanthemums.
    Have a happy weekend


  9. Wow that is really good to know. Thank you!!

  10. Thanks for the interesting post. It is always good to learn something new around culture / history. I do love the photo too, great colour. G

  11. So lovely to find your gorgeous blog. I love that the French have the days for All Saints and All Souls Day. ... thank-you for stopping by and I will by following.
    M.A. the 2nd

  12. Lovely traditions. I hope they follow them in Italia too :)

  13. What an interesting post! I just did a post of some French flowers today too!

  14. How lovely! So much more to this time than just crazy costumes and candy!
    --Lee Ann

  15. This flower is all over gardens here in US, this time of the year! They look really awesome when planted in groups.


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