A petite note from Cassis....

{moi by the sea......}

Yesterday we spent most of the day at Cassis, an old fishing port on the coast.

It is an 1 1/2 hour's drive from where we are staying.

{the tres belle port of Cassis}

We stopped on the way to see a lovely fellow blogger on the way but I save this fabulous story for tomorrow.

The weather was gorgeous, warm and sunny and not a cloud in the sky.

We were given a few tips about where to eat and this is the restaurant where we had lunch...

I was fortunate enough to get this shot before the tables filled up. Despite the season being over, the whole village was buzzing with lots of French tourists every where.

Notice that the glasses are on their sides, we found out the reason for this as it can get quite breezy by the sea, and when the wind blows, the glasses take on a life of their own.

{Boats moored across from the restaurant}

Our lunch was fabulous and I cannot think of a nicer place to enjoy a nice cold glass of white wine and lots of fresh and oh so tasty seafood.

After lunch we strolled around the brightly painted village and I even managed to buy a couple of items whilst Mr FF was not looking.

{one of many lovely shop facades}

On our way home we even managed to visit one of the locations from "A Good Year" but I will tell you more about that tomorrow.

A demain mes amies,

Signed a tres contente L & Mr FF x


  1. This looks like a dream holiday! Enjoy, you deserve it. xxx

  2. Sublime!!!
    Oh how I would LOve to be there now too.
    We've gone back to winter - freezing winds straight off the South Pole - remember those?!!
    Good for skiers as more snow at this time of year is a bonus!
    Take care
    hugs xox

  3. Just gorgeous - what a wonderful place for lunch too. Hope you had a Kir royale (or two!) being in Cassis! x

  4. I stayed in Cassis when I was in France, this time, last year. It was very warm, very beautiful and the people were charming.


  5. Your photos have brightened my day I love Casis and all the lovely restaurants. Look forward to more!

  6. So wish I could have been there with you! Sounds just fabulous. Hope you have a great day.

  7. How very exciting..looks like great weather...our friends have been to Marseille...Wine and views of the water...perfect together!
    Bon soir! Jennifer

  8. beautiful and so interesting to be on your trip with you
    cannot wait for tomorrows installment! have fun!

  9. What lovely photos! You look relaxed and happy. I can only imagine having a serene time where you went ... it looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hello pretty lady! You look like you are truly enjoying that amazing seaside area. So wonderful that you have gorgeous weather too. Enjoy, enjoy! xo ~Lili

  11. Bonjour LeeAnn,

    You look so happy with the beautifu water view behind you. Enjoy!

    Bon journée,

  12. Looks and sounds wonderful Leeann....xv

  13. Wow, Looks like you are having a great time. everything sounds so wonderful for dreamy vacation.(smile)

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday, you so deserve it.

    Julie xx

  14. Hi Leeann,

    Glad that you are having a splendid time.
    Love all your beautiful photos and we can vicariously have a vacation too.


  15. Beautiful photos! I love all the colorful facades and old doors. My favorite type of pictures, and I like to collect them when I go on vacation.

  16. Isn't Cassis wonderful, Leeann?!! While studying in graduate school in Paris in the early 90's, a friend and I did a little biking trip in the South of France and Cassis is one of the towns we stopped at - it was lovely. p.s. I didn't realize how hilly/mountainous the region is before we got there with our bikes (it was quite the workout!) :)

  17. its a lovely place to go and spend your holidays, the wharf and the boats tempt me to leave everything aside and take a long trip cruising around in a ship, wonderful holidays that you are having

  18. J'adore the mediterranean bleu colour...
    what a fabulous location!
    Have FuN:)

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  20. Great post! Envious about the weather.
    I love Cassis. Not only is it little hidden-away jewel for many Provence/Riviera-bound travelers who head straight for better-known destinations, but AOC Cassis is also the home of wonderful wines, but will not be a secret to you. Love the whites! You can get Bandols up here in Germany, though not many, but you can't get Cassis wines at all.


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