Linen everywhere...

{fabulous antique monogrammed linen chemise}

You will recall that I bought some antique french linen and other goodies whilst in Provence, well it has now been washed and ironed and all I need to do is update the shop.

My Mathilde M order also arrived so there are boxes and objets everywhere....

A demain mes amies,

L x


  1. I bet the vintage linen is just gorgeous, even if the ironing part was tedious! xx

  2. Hi Leeann
    Welcome back to Eymet.(smile)
    Can't wait to see all you goodies from Provence.

    Julie xx

  3. I actually found one of these night shirts that fit me last year! I love it! Yours is lovely!

  4. So pretty! I love monograms.
    Have a nice day.

  5. I love vintage linens! I wish I had a cabinet full! xoxoxo

  6. Ever so pretty french linen!!

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