La belle Provence.......

{Restaurant in the beau village of Lourmarin}

Malheureusement, our vacance in la belle Provence is coming to an end and tomorrow we will be back on the road, bound for the delightful and petite village in the Dordogne that we call "home".

Here are some more pretty photos of La Belle Provence.....

Loved the buildings in this particular village in which Pierre Cardin owns a chateau situated high on the hill.....

Loved the unfussiness of this particular village, who needs fussy details when you have lots of lovely natural stone and a touch of iron here and there. No need for colour here.......

I can just see myself climbing the fabulous cobbled stone paths to this gorgeous boulangerie every morning....

.......and grabbing a few bunches of lavender on the way back down the hill....

a fabulous place to stay, love the colour of the doors and the lovely objets in the window...

and of course a few lovely old signs faded by time.....

beautiful ivy with a mind of its own.......

this photo of a "solex" is for a friend of ours, who has a passion for these bikes and as a result has spent many hours painstaking restoring one of his own....

loved this series of fabulous drawings displayed on the exterior of a building in the lovely village of Lourmarin....

this one is my favourite drawing....could have something to do with the fact that it has a 2CV in it...

lots of lovely items to buy and yes - I did do some shopping whilst on vacance.....

I adore the way the bottles of aperitifs are displayed outside this shop on a shutter.....

simply gorgeous......

lots and lots of lovely savon but then one can never be too clean.....

a gorgeous clothes boutique, don't you just love the sign?

of course a village needs a statue or two inorder to be "tres beau"

another fabulous use of a shutter.......

why are all French signs fabulous?

Well mes amies, that is my photo tour for today, stay tuned for the photos that we took of the locations used in the "A Good Life" movie filmed locally and also a story about meeting a fabulous fellow blogger living in Provence....

Bon week-end a tous,
L x


  1. Beautiful pictures. Merci for sharing!

  2. Stop are making me jealous. I love old buildings and the stones that they are made of are just so nice.
    Look forward to seeing your next set of photos.

  3. These pictures are beautiful! xoxoxo

  4. The signs are so rustic and unique & I love those drawings on the walls especially the blue citroen DC!! I would like a car just like that.
    So... enjoyed these pics!!

  5. What stunning photos. I'd love to wander through those streets :)

  6. Oh dear, you have some wonderful photos here! I love the simplicity of the villages and the lovely sun light!
    Just like a dream!

  7. What a beautiful place and you took such gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing them!:)

  8. Your pictures are all so beautiful!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Beautiful pictures, love the look of stone buildings. Looks like a wonderful place to while away the day. G

  10. I fell in love with the village. Your pictures are so lovely.

  11. Places that are very close to my heart Leeann....I am happy you had a wonderful time, xv.

  12. Leeann

    I love your eye - for the romantic and classic elements that make this region so heavenly.

    You must be back home by now...I hope your memories from the week keep you warm through the winter! Speaking of which, it feels like winter started today - blustery Mistral winds, chilly temps and even some rain. You were lucky!

  13. Oh Leeann i am loving your tour of provence its fantastic and making me want to be there even more than ever......please show us as many shots as you can i am over the moon . Amanda x

  14. fabulous photos and a gorgeous vacation! grazie for sharing and cannot wait to see the rest! ciao, bella!

  15. Love the series of drawings in Lourmarin!
    Looks like you had a marvelous holiday in Provence!

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