Weekend finds....

Hope that you all had a fabulous weekend. Yesterday I found a few goodies including lots of old French music books which I adore and cannot get enough of.

The minute I set eyes on this glorious lot I wanted them all but the vendor has priced her page and Mr FF and a dear friend Mr T, were ready to depart.

I was thinking not sure what to do, when the seller said you can take the whole lot for 5 euros. My poor french shopping bag was already fulland I could not see Mr FF nor Mr T so was not sure how I would carry these back to the car. I said the the vendor not sure how I would carry them and she said I will give you the suitcase for free. End result - I ended up carrying a full and heavy suitcase through a crowded market and decided not to buy anything else on my way to the car.

Here are some of my lovely finds........

Fabulous vintage rosary with pretty purple glass beads - available in shop for 10 euros + postage

A vintage framed dolly complete with movable eyes and hat box with the word "Paris" on it.

Available in shop for 10 euros + postage

Gorgeous French scarf depicting the hunt.

10 euros + postage

Lovely small Italian tray, 15 euros + postage

Fabulous vintage Paris post cards which I love and plan to frame and display.....

Lastly, a beautiful Italian antique bed sheet with the words
"Dormi Bene".
This belonged to the elderly seller's mother who was Italian - a gorgeous and rare sheet.
40 euros + postage

I am now off to start my monday morning chores on a lovely and oh so tranquil day in SW France,

Bisous, L


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog......your blog is great !! and ho manny follower !! no you have one more...................It's Me.....hahahahh!! i hope you will follow me too......have a nice day !! love Ria....

  2. Wow, what a fabulous find and you got the suitcase too? I would love that gorgeous suitcase! How incredible! I can't wait to see what you do with it all!

    Best wishes,

  3. The Italian bed sheets are so gracious!! You always find wonderful things....

    Bisous xx

  4. Some wonderful finds! Love the tray especially.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Such wonderful finds. Love the suitcase. Too great to get it for free.

  6. These are all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a great week and thank you for stopping by RHS always.

  7. Hi Leeann,

    How neat that they gave you a suitcase to carry the sheet music.
    Love the beautiful bed linen.

    Have a happy week

  8. Love that vintage suitcase filled with French sheet music, Leeann!

  9. Vive la France but don't forget Italy.... ciao


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