Our house - some random shots

{apt un chambre}

I thought that it was about time I took a photo of the old gun cabinet that I purchased a while back. While I had the camera out, I took some photos of the apartment, that we have hung it in.

This is the old gun cabinet that came complete with the same wallpaper that we have used in the bedroom, hence I thought that it was meant for us.
We now need to make a few more shelves inside which I will paper and then display old perfume bottles on. Note the WE, as opposed to I. It is another job for Mr FF's evergrowing list.

Close up of the bed, wish that I was there right now.....

Looking from the bedroom through to the bathroom.....

Tapestry in the living area of the apartment.

I have a thing about French tapestries and have a lovely one coming in a few days which depicts the vendange/grape harvest.

Dining area, complete with antique "desserte", another French item that I adore and have a few stashed in our garage.

This is a tableau that I bought in a local shop that is not old but has been distressed to give ut that aged look. Love the marcarons on it.....very yummy.

Wishing you all a fabulous Wednesday, for some reason I lost a day and thought that yesterday was Wednesday....

Bisous, L


  1. Thank you Leeann for your apartment tour.
    It's all lovely - I especially like the wall tapestry and my daughter is very keen to get one for her old stone house in France.

    Thank you for sharing.
    a bientot
    S xox

  2. Love le tour de l'apartement, Leeann!

  3. Love that dresser. And the wallpaper. Beautiful apartment.

  4. How absolutely divine - such a pleasure to get a peek into a home in the one place I would love to live myself!

  5. Certainly pleasent to the eyes! Have a great day ~Ashley

  6. Can't wait to see your display of perfume bottles paired with that gun cabinet. What an unexpected and exciting idea! Enjoyed so much the lovely tour and is that a stone wall in the dining area? What an absolutely gorgeous place! ~Lili

  7. Hi Leeann,

    Thanks for giving us the tour of your home, you have a wonderful place.

    Happy Wednesday

  8. Love your blog...look forward to following :)

  9. Bonjour Leeann

    I wish I were there with my hubby(sigh~) He get to be there without me (Big sigh~). I love that gorgeous bed and everything else(smile)

    Julie xx

  10. Leeann - everything in your house is gorgeous .... French and very fabulous! The gun cabinet is so unsual and such a great find. Leigh


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