Look who I found outside my door....

This morning I could not resist taking a photo of these 3 fellows, I adore them as every time I see them, they make me smile. They look so cheeky and mischievious....

With them came this gorgeous wee mouse in a house.

Instead of the word "mouse", they will have "noel" on them. They are hand made and we will only be getting a small quanity.

The mouse in the stocking is 16 euros and the elves can be made to order, but will orders will only be taken for the next couple of weeks so please contact me if you would like to know more about the elves.

A demain mes amis,
L x
p.s. it is raining "cats & dogs" here today in SW France so a good day to be thinking about Noel :-)


  1. ~*~Absolutely darling!! Ive got to order some of those cuties!!;)Hugs, Rachel~*~

  2. How cute they are I can see why they make you smile - its a lovely morning here in South West England misty and the sun is just peeping through! Have a lovely day

  3. I love the elves and the stocking. Would you send to Australia? You can leave a comment on GeorgyGdesign.blogspot.com

  4. Very cute AND mischievous! They brought a smile to my face:)

  5. Oh My Budgie, you have been busy. Do you think we'll ever get to see each other again soon? YOur apartments look amazing. It's decided, I must come up!

  6. they are adorable and cheeky both!! love their pointed heads/hats... whatevers! lol!

  7. Oh I just love them!! So precious ~Ashley

  8. OH I would love to order some elves:) Elma

  9. Hi Leeann, hows things....love those little elves. Just about to redo my windows and have a little change around. I hope you have a great weekend. One day i might turn up on your doorstep...he he Manda x

  10. Too cute! These will fly out of your store in an instant.
    Millie ^_^


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