Look what I found....

{fabulous vintage religious medals}

It started with finding two adorable minature mannequins which I decided would look fabulous in old book pages.

After careful thought (a friend commenting that the book maybe to valuable to cut up) I decided that I needed some pages out of old French magazines.

So off I set (across the road to be exact) to visit Monsieur B, aka Antique dealer and good friend of ours.

Not only did I find some very old (1899 - 1902)bundles of fashion magazines.....

{fabulous antique bundles of fashion magazines dating back to 1899}

I also found some other goodies, including some gorgeous religious medals which I have pinned to a velvet cushion......

and an antique pipe rack complete with collection of pipes, which I will photograph and list later today.

Mille mercis to all of you that took the time to comment re the linen bags, it is much appreciated.

We are hopefully off to a vide grenier in the morning, the weather here is stunning at present, cool mornings and warm sunny afternoons - the perfect weather for treasure hunting.

Je vous souhaite à tous un fabuleux week-end.......

L x


  1. These fashion magazines are a fabulous find
    Bon week end..

  2. I have been searching for old fashion magazines and no luck :( I absolutely adore the religious charms and such, they are so in style, I see religious "anything" in every style decor, I just love it! Have a fabulous weekend! xoxoxo

  3. Hi Leeann,

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! Love the vintage magazines. The pages would look lovely in a frame on the wall.

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  4. ~*~*I am seriously drooling over your fabulous finds!!! Just beautiful and so unique!~*Rachel ;)

  5. Oh wow, I love religious items! You got a beautiful selection. I am a catholic too.

    Hearts content of a Mama

  6. You are so lucky to live in France!! What fabulous finds! Hope you are having a lovely weekend,
    Laura currie xx

  7. Hey fabulous French girl, these are great finds and I am sure you will put them to creative works.

    Loving your passion for all things eruo chic.

  8. Have fun at the vide grenier.. so love the religious medals and the fashion mags. How nice to have a handy antique man across the road! Luckyyou... x

  9. Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please reply to my post if you do!

    I would appreciate if a staff member here at fabulouslyfrench.blogspot.com could post it.


  10. What fabulous finds Leeann....and how great to just be able to pop over the road and find just what you need. Just perfect.
    Have a lovely week. XXXX

  11. fantastic finds as always, love the little forms!

  12. What fabulous treasures these are. The fashion magazines are so unique. Aren't you so lucky to have all these at your doorstep! xx

  13. The antique charms are fabulous. I found a very nice choice in charms that have been cast from antiques at http://www.designjewelry.com/


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