J'aime IKEA....

{photo Maison No. 20 Kitchen}

I apologise for the lack of post yesterday but it was a busy day, most of which was spent in Bordeaux visiting suppliers. That said we managed to squeeze in a visit to IKEA and I must say I am a fan of their 2011 range. There are some gorgeous pieces at unbelievable prices.

Their range of faux plants look so real, hence I am now the proud owner of the two that you can see in the photo above.

I loved these bar stools.....

I may just be heading back for two of these with the plain wooden legs, just do not tell Mr FF.

The real reason that I needed to go to to IKEA, was for one of these fabulous items.....

Such a practical item and I bought another for one of our apartments as with one, it is so much easier to locate a knife without rifling through a drawer full of utensils.

I had better go, I am supposed to be updating fab french with some items that I found at the weekend and also some goodies for Noel that I bought back with me yesterday.....

Je vous souhaite à tous une semaine extraordinaire.

A demain mes amis,

L x


  1. You are right! Those plants look great.

    I love that Ikea is world wide and we can ever share the joy and purchases down here in Brisbane Australia!

    I am off to Ikea this weekend :)

  2. I also have the magnetic knife holder! Its great!!
    Laura cxx

  3. Once in Ikea you just get carried away - and sometimes you just find that special something. I bought a lovely glass and pretty metal table for my bathroom, never seen it since but i love it.
    Jill x

  4. ~*Thanks for sharing your IKEA finds! Im thinking I better go there soon~*~* Hugs,Rachel ;)

  5. ooh i wish we had an ikea near me! love the pots with plants.

  6. I just love your kitchen window! The new plants look perfect there. Wish there was an Ikea nearby here. ~Lili

  7. I'm going to the new Ikea outside Avignon this weekend and I'm so excited! I've wanted a knife rack like that one for awhile now and I'm so happy I may be able to find it! And those plants are lovely too! :-)

  8. And the love of IKEA just grows and grows. I forget that these stores are everywhere.
    I love the greenery in pots. I need a couple about that size. Need to make a trip to Sacramento or Oakland.

  9. I can't believe that is all from IKEA. I have always been a fan for storage from there but haven't been for a while. Looks like I will have to go and visit again soon.

  10. You didn't get those statues from IKEA too did you? I quite fancy them for our front room!


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