Weekend finds......

Yesterday we managed to squeeze in a brocante and returned with the following treasures/tresors.......

The first find was this fabulous altar cross which is over 80 years old, it was bought from a brocanteur who is also a close friend of Mr FF's.

The next find was an antique rosary which I am in the process of removing rust from the chain, so any tips would be appreciated. I have tried baking soda, white vinegar and am now about to try some coke.

Another treasure is this fabulous applique, which I think, looks equally as good with candles but as you know I have a thing about candles and have them all over the house.

I love the ivy detail and the bow is tres belle.....

Another find was this gorgeous pillow case complete with fabulous monogramme.....

There is something about monogrammes that I adore and to think that I never have seen one before I came to France....we have antique monogrammed sheets on our bed and Mr FF moans if I put normal ones on in their place!

All these treasures are bound for the fabulously french online shop, I will try and update before the end of the day.

Had better get back to work as I have quite a bit to do before Mr FF returns home from work and I have yet to decide what to cook for his dinner - who said life in France is easy?

A tres bientot,
L x


  1. Love all your finds! I know what you mean about monograms....such a special and elegant touch! It's fun to make up fitting words if the initials don't happen to be your own.....for instance...DG....could be Do Good! ...or Darling Girl...or...ok, ok...
    Have a fabulous day!

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the cross, and the pillow with the beautiful embroidered monogram.
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  3. Hello Leeann,
    I shall start the count down to the next 1000 followers...so just joined as well. love all your weekend finds,kind regards Colette

  4. love the pillow! great finds indeed!

    just stumbled upon your blog and i have to say its LOVELY! do drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other.=)

    have a lovely day!


  5. the cross is more than fantastic

  6. What fabulous finds, Leeann. Just gorgeous. I love the monogramed cushion. White linen with monograms can't be beaten. XXXX

  7. fabulous finds! sorry I cannot help you with the rosary, I am always rusting things not the other way around! LOL!

  8. What gorgeous goodies!
    You could try super-fine steel wool to get rid of rust - I use it on my pendants :)

  9. Hi Leeann,

    I love the pretty monogrammed pillow and the applique ~ love anything with bows.

    Have a great week

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  11. You look like you have fabulous brocante markets near you. I love the monogramme sheets and I also collect them they are just so beautiful.

  12. Hi Leeann,
    That cross is so beautiful. So are all your other finds.

  13. The cross! And the linen! My goodness, what treasures - I'm green with envy x

  14. Those treasure hunts of yours must be so much fun Leeann. Have just had such a lovely browse around your shop. So many gorgeous and special goodies. xx

  15. LOVE the monogrammed pillow! Gorgeous. You can't beat monograms out of Southern women!!


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