Vendredi fleurs.....

{image from here}

I cannot believe that it is vendredi already, where did the week go?

It has been a busy week; shop and guest wise and I am looking forward to a more chilled out week next week.

How was your week? Did it pass quickly and is August just as busy for you?

Dit moi.....

L x


  1. Just can't believe it ... time goes by so fast. Summer is ending, children going back to school on Monday. As my mother always says.. "as you get older, time will go by faster... enjoy every single minute of it".

    Enjoy the weekend.


  2. Hi Hi..

    My August is flying away like a rocket.(smile) I totally understand the meaning "as you get older, time will go by faster"
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy every single day, hour, mimute while you can.
    Hope you will have relaxing weekend!!!

    Julie xx

  3. August is when the harvest comes in and the garden needs tending to everyday. This is a productive, busy and fruitful month but I'm looking forward to Fall.
    I love that old bike. Never seem to find them at the antique stores.

  4. I love this image. So pure and sweet.
    Teresaa (Splendid Sass)

  5. juste envie de faire un tour à velo...the weather was so depressing in England this week.I really enjoy your blog. Ada

  6. Time is going fast now, but the first part of the year went quite slow for me .. always does... No children at home, husband works away ..then all of a sudden he has a long break in the middle .. and it whizzes .. Also I do a lot in the school summer holidays as have grandchildren to stay, and I have 4, so need to split my time, and now it is my turn to take a holiday.. off to France ..!!!

  7. What a lovely photograph Leeann - love it! And a great weekend to you - such a busy week here too in Oz - life goes by at such a pace....x

  8. Yes, way too fast. How lovely to have you stop in and introduce yourself and I am enjoying my return visit. Enjoy the weekend. XO

  9. Oh my gosh! Is it August already? Hah! Your photo is just beautiful

    Bon weekend à toi!

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  12. What a lovely image... Oh yeah, time flies fast... and as we grow older we tend to notice that.

  13. You always seem to find the most romantic bicycles in town! Beautiful photo!
    Yes, august is almost over and soon it will be Fall! Another great season for pictures.
    Take care!

  14. Where's my week gone...where's August gone?! Plus it seems that autumn has arrived early in London - yikes... That picture is beautiful, another great bike pic ;-) Hope your weekend was good. Love from London x


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