dimanche matin....

{old prune trays hanging outside our friend's barn}

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in SW France, not too hot and clear blue sky or as the French say le ciel bleu.

We managed to squeeze in a quick visit to our friends house and whilst we were there I snapped some shots.

Our friends are local farmers who farm plums and chickens and it is a fabulous place to visit as there is always something new to see.

I will even let you into a wee secret, a famous English chef spent some time at the property and as a result photos of our friend's property appeared in one of his french cook books.

We saw these fabulous creatures as we drove up the drive.....

Once we arrived at the top of the drive we saw racks and racks of plums everywhere. The Prune season is underway in SW France and I love the smell of them drying in the big ovens.

Love how everything here is done the old fashioned way - all by hand and naturally.

The farm is such a restful place with row upon row of beautiful trees........

A shot of our friends with Mr FF who is very camera shy at the best of times....

And one avec moi..love the flowers that appear to have sprung from Mr. A's tete..

A truly fabulous time, just wish that we could have stayed longer..

A la prochaine,

L x


  1. what lovely pictures!!! Especially for us.....who sit in rain for weeks now;)



  2. What a beautiful place to spend a visit! We are having similar yet spring weather here in Sydney.

  3. Love the pictures....you look great my friend! I spent the most incredible time on the Normandy coast. Missing France already, especially homemade jams in the morning breakfasts....

    Bisous xx

  4. Hi Dear Leeann

    Gorgeous pics thank you.
    Oh I agree with you - I so love the way the French adhere to their old systems and process!! They're not taken in by the need for the latest and greatest of new technology.....
    As you know my daughter lives in a wee village there too and they love that slow unchanging lifestyle.
    Take care mon ami and have a great new week.
    PS Enjoy those languid summer days while they last. xo

  5. Looks lovely - I like the shot of the old prune trays, I've never seen those before (obviously not hot enough here in England!)

  6. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, I love the first one, so beautiful.
    Looks like you had a lovely day in the sunshine.
    Take care. Nickyx

  7. Mmmm yummm - don't know what is looks more inviting - those drying prunes of Mr FF ;-) x
    p.s. no more Mr Shy Guy !

  8. Oh I am looking forward to that weather. Your day looks wonderful as do you.
    Ness xx

  9. Oh, I love plums. My granny and I put up plum jelly each year using plums from her tree. Love these images.

  10. Beautiful farm! Those cows look so friendly, just want to pet them.
    The plums look delicious, too. But my favorite picture is the one where Mr.A has a "flower pot" hat! Very funny!!
    Our weather here in Ohio is great, too! Not hot, not cold, just right.
    Have a great week!

  11. Oh goodness. Looks lovely. Le ciel bleu and all! I am there in spirit!

  12. The kind of dreamy place and old fashioned ways to cherish,
    I long to stay..
    Merci for sharing
    le ciel bleu..
    You are all Beautiful:))

  13. Hi LeeAnn!
    Can't imagine how those plums must smell.......I love taking time out to see your post about the country side and your life there!!!!!!xo Maryanne

  14. Gorgeous pics... what a fantastic setting!

  15. What a beautiful place and what gorgeous bovine!

  16. So lovely Leeann, beautiful photos...very inspiring!
    Very cute 'avec moi' :)

    Jeanne xx

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Beautiful place!!! Great pictures!!!
    Have a nice day!!

  19. Hi Leeann,

    Loved seeing your wonderful photos of your visit to your friends.
    The plums look delicious and how neat that they still do things the old fashioned way.

    Happy week

  20. Such lovely pics! thanks for sharing, Have a sweet day!

  21. Do you have any dried plum recipes that your farmer friends would recommend? Great photos!

  22. It is so, so lovely! Thank you for taking us along!

  23. It was so fun to see pictures of your lovely self and the tres handsome Mr. FF! And the shots of your friends' farm is so beautiful with those sweet animals and all that plum goodness! ~Lili


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