Vendredi Fleurs.......

{image from here}

Three of my favourite things........what more could a girl want?

Except maybe another bicycle for Mr FF!

Wishing you all have a fabulous Friday and a very happy and restful weekend /Je vous souhaite à tous un fabuleux vendredi et un week-end très heureux et relaxant .....

L x


  1. Bon week fait un temps merveilleux a New York

  2. Have a wonderful weekend as well. A bicycle as a gift - how lovely - to be with someone who knows you so well to give you such a fun and specific gift - what a gem. =)

  3. Hello Leeann
    What a beautiful receptical for Vendredi fleurs!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    My daughter and family are driving today to the south of France for their holiday!
    I'm on my knees praying they'll be safe on the motorway at those high speeds.......

  4. Bonjour Leeann,

    I love the pretty flowers and bike, so pretty.
    I hope that you have a happy weekend and that the weather is lovely and warm.


  5. Merci. Wishing you and Mr.FF an equally wonderful summers weekend. We are in store for some high temps, the kind you can't really be outside for. Makes me a bit sad but it is lovely to look at. Wishing I were on that bicycle!

    All my best to you x

  6. Sigh, do you pinch yourself? You live in France!!! Happy days! A-m xx

  7. Merci, Leean, a vous aussi!

    I just want to get on that bicycle and ride through your village and countryside right this very moment!

    bonnes vacances et bonne route!


  8. What a superb photo - to ride on that bike would ruin the moment! Jane :)

  9. I just went on a bike ride this past weekend, and I love this photo. Thank you for all of your beautiful images.


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