As long as....

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......the sun is shining inside you, that is all that matters!

This morning, I have been busy with Monday morning errands - you know the sort of things that I mean; go to bank, Post Office etc etc.

This afternoon is the marriage of some friends so I have my fingers crossed that the weather stays fine. Whilst running my errands I passed a stranger twice in the street and as per the norm here in France, I said rebonjour the second time around.

He mentioned that he was on holiday and how he was enjoying walking around the village taking in the history of the medieval village in which we live. I replied that it was a nice day for a walk as the sun was shining. He replied as long as the sun is shining inside you, the rest is immaterial.

Never a truer word said......
L x
p.s. Had a fabulous day yesterday as we visited a couple of vide greniers so will show you my "tresors" tomorrow!


  1. Lovely post! What a happy monday Morning. By the way, love your blog. Keep up the good work:-)


  2. This photograph is priceless.
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  3. I love people who are optimistic. How beautifully he said it.

    Thank you for your lovely post. Enjoy your day and have fun at the marriage.

  4. I do like that. I do hope the sun is shining in you today!

  5. Love it!
    May the sun always shine inside and above us!
    Have a great week!

  6. I wish I were there to walk around the stranger you met. I will remember what he said. (smile)
    Can't wait to see your treasure hunting result.

    Julie xx

  7. Love your blog - but then I love anything that is french, and what a lovely thing the stranger said to you, and it is so true. Look forward to seeing your finds next!

  8. Love when a stranger says something like that...something that really sticks with you!! Have a great time!!

  9. Hi Leeann,

    Sounds a lot like my day... I was getting a warrant of fitness for the car and bills to be paid.
    I love the pretty swans and heart picture.
    Have a fabulous week.


  10. Well said, a wise stranger indeed!

    Jeanne :)

  11. Wishing your friends a happy life together. I hope that they have a wonderful day.
    What a lovely tourist that you met Leeann....such wise words.
    Have a lovely day. XXXX

  12. A wonderful sentiment indeed! You always bring us lovely posts Leeann. ~Lili

  13. Wonderful blog and brings back so many happy memories of growing up in Paris. Merci!


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