Sneak preview - ma cuisine

As promised here are some photos of our new kitchen at Maison No. 20.

Note it is not quite finished as we are waiting on more wall tiles which explains the one row of wall tiles that you can see in the photos.

Once we have all the tiles in place Mr FF will grout both the walls and also the worktop.

Mr FF has wired 1/2 of the ceiling lights and we have 1/2 to go as you will see from the photos.

Me on the other hand, has yet to complete the painting hence the base coated skirting and the tape around the mirror above the sink.

{skirting which will be given another coat of paint this afternoon}

{unfinished wall tiles and mirror frame complete with masking tape}

I am planning on having some dark wooden framed prints on the wall above the sink but as yet have not found any so if you have seen anything you may feel are suitable, please let me know.

I also have to give the window seat another coat of paint and have a large tapestry to hang on the wall above the dining table.

The walls above the worktop look a little bare but we are going to have open shelves and I am now hunting for some supports for these.

{naked walls awaiting open shelves and stainless range hood}

I also have to order a range hood and splashback which is on my list of things to do......

Well as you can see from the above photos, I still have plenty to do so had better get back to it!

A tres bientot,

L x


  1. ohhh WOW!! that table is especially amazing!
    beautiful home, enjoy!

  2. Oooooh wow! I can see since now how charming it is!!! I love it, congrats xx

  3. This looks wonderful. I especially love the carved pieces supporting the work top. You must be so impatient for it all to be finished.

  4. Leeann, it's looking fabulous at Maison no. 20! I think the cabinets turned out fantastic - they look wonderful with the tiles you've chosen. Love it!

  5. Hi Leeann

    Love your new kitchen, very clean look. can't wait to view the finished kitchen.

    Julie xx

  6. Well, so far so Very GOOD .... looking forward to seeing photos again at the end but it's lovely... x

  7. Well, so far so Very GOOD .... looking forward to seeing photos again at the end but it's lovely... x

  8. Wow, this is shaping up to be a very beautiful kitchen. Lee :)

  9. That cucina is looking fab!
    I love it all!

  10. It is really coming along beautifully! What a process it is to do a kitchen!
    xo xo

  11. Your project is coming along very nicely! I bet you can't wait to make your first meal in it.

  12. That will do me! Look forward to the finished project.

  13. Bonjour LeeAnn,
    Your cuisine is looking good. You've done alot of work, thank Heaven your Mr FF is handy - I call my honey mon Bricolage Man - aren't we lucky? Anxious to see the final product, I know it will be marvelous!
    a bientôt,

  14. WOW Leeann! It's looking so chic.

    I'm sure you'll get v good occupancy here too. Have you got bookings already?

    Such a lot of work but you've nearly nailed it - well done.


  15. It is looking lovely. You are doing a great job, very nice!

  16. I love the colours you've chosen, beautiful..Rachaelxx

  17. Beautiful work thus far. I especially like the kitchen sink area...and the bar stool seating.

  18. So gorgeous Leeann. I love the corbels and that arched window above the sink. And your place makes me want to go and rip out all my top cabinets right out of my kitchen!! I love this look. Oooooh and your gorgeous table. I love your idea to hang a tapestry in there too. Looking forward to more updates as you progress! So lovely! ~Lili

  19. Oh, how uncommonly pretty. I am so glad you joined in my give away so that I might meet you, now I am off to peruse your delightful looking blog...

    happy day to you!

  20. Hi Leeann, wow you have been busy....looks great so far. You guys must be so pleased. Look forward to seeing the end result.Love Amanda x

  21. Hi Leeann! How adorable is that little window upon the sink!!! I love it!!!! I can't wait to see he final result!


  22. I love the colour of the cabinetry!

  23. Hi Leeann,

    Your new kitchen looks lovely ~ I especially love the little arched window. Isn't it a great feeling having most of the hard work over with.


  24. This looks so wonderful, I can't wait to see the finished product!

  25. Looking good girl! Congrats to Mr. FF too for all his hard work & effort.
    Millie ^_^


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