Love this.....

Not only do I love eating it, I also love to have a string or two of garlic (ail in French) hanging in the kitchen.

Do you like garlic?

A très bientôt ,je l'espère !
L x


  1. Love garlic! I never hang them, though; do they keep better that way?

  2. Oh yes, I love garlic! I like to put it in anything not sweet. I'm growing it this year so hopefully I'll have enough for a lovely plait :)

  3. I love it. I feel bereft without a head or two in my pantry. I don't care about the odour or the so called garlic breath I just can't live without it. In fact an ex PM of Australia used to say he didn't get a cold for a 10 years because he took garlic tablets. I prefer it in food though..

  4. In my kitchen never without garlic...Italians love it!

  5. LOVE it!! Here in Brazil it is usual having bread with garlic sauce along with the barbecue. Scrumptious!!! Délicieux!!!!!!!! Au revoir. Bela.

  6. Pour la cuisine espagnole il est aussi indispensable et si décoratif, j'aussi l'ai toujours comme deco.
    Belle journée,

  7. why yes I do! yours look great hanging like that......
    btw: that brocante tote bag - reminds me of something cabbages and roses would's very unique but timeless!

  8. this is a really pretty way to keep garlic- especially if your kitchen/house is a bit more rustic.

    you also never have to worry about vampires showing up this way... :)

  9. I love garlic!!! On a bruschetta with fresh tomato and basil...that's so yummy!!!


  10. I just found your Blog on Draffin Bears, how delightful it all is here :) Catherine x

  11. Garlic is great ;-) steamed in de oven..between a few onions yummie

  12. me too! it reminds me of other times and my parents house!

  13. I rarely cook without it. I love roasting whole cloves with bell peppers, red onions and courgettes and serving them with grilled chicken. Add a nice glass of wine and some french bread....heaven.

  14. love garlic! and love when it's braided and hanging, remains me of my grandma. she always made braids of garlic and onion from her vegetable garden.

  15. my garlic will be ready in the fall and I can braid it then! this looks so lovely!!

  16. Love it! With a passion!
    Have several bulbs of gorgeous purple, milder tasting spring garlic sitting on the counter and another braid hanging on the wall.

  17. We had a huge crop of garlic this year but I must say it didn't look this good - it's stored in a dark corner of the barn. You've certainly inspired me for next year! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Leigh

  18. Hi Leeann,

    I love garlic too and often have a string of fresh garlic hanging in the kitchen.
    I have just been reading a Gardening website and the shortest day, 21st of June is when you need to plant your garlic.

    Have a great weekend

  19. Breakfast is the only meal I don't use garlic, but give me time & I'll find a way to include it in fruit & yoghurt!
    Millie ^_^

  20. so much so, that I have seven raised beds of garlic getting close to harvest! The taste difference is amazing!

  21. GARLIC - Gaelic I LOVE them both!!!
    Sorry I couldn't resist!

    I add it to almost everything.
    And now I grate it in at the very end of cooking which gives a wonderful flavour.

    A natural antibiotic too.
    YES, hang it in the cuisine too!


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